Gardeners World presenter attends composting convention

A recent event dedicated to the art of green horticulture was attended by a celebrity grower, it has been revealed.

The BBCs Gardeners World presenter Alys Fowler appeared at the Garden Organic Master Composter Conference on Saturday (July 25th).

Experts and enthusiasts met at the convention to discus techniques and ideas for creating and utilising plant feed made from waste.

Ms Fowler gave her own input, before entomologist Peter Smithers gave a speech on insects job in the compost heap.

Project co-ordinator Pip Bradley explained Garden Organic was "delighted" by the appearance of the TV host.

"It is our aim to get more local authorities on the [master composter] scheme so that communities can be inspired to start composting at home," the expert added.

Delegates at the conference were given presentations and workshops, as well as the opportunity to buy a signed book from Ms Fowler.

Garden Organic recently warned about a new pest – Southern Green Shield Bugs, otherwise known as Nezara viridula – which have been spotted breeding in the UK.