Gardeners warned to lock up valuables for winter

With gardeners spending hundreds of pounds on their gardens every year, recent research showing the level of garden crime does not bode well.

Around 1.2 million households in the UK have been affected by garden robberies in the last year, with the damage bill being up to £10 billion per year, according to research from

Insurance expert Jeremy Moll said that vandalism and environmental factors can cause damage to garden items too.

"Although the value attached to vandalism and theft is high, we know UK weather conditions can also wreak havoc on our homes," he said.

"There are steps people can take to save themselves money. For example, with summer drawing to a close, make sure you store valuable items securely."

With winter approaching and crime on the up, storing expensive and vulnerable plants in the greenhouse seems like a good idea.

A greenhouse can provide protection from the elements while allowing plants the light they need to grow.