Gardeners urged not to prune hydrangeas until next month

Greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested to hear that hydrangea hortensia flowers should not be pruned until early May to protect the buds from late frost damage, a horticultural specialist has said.

Responding to a reader request in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, gardening expert Graham Porter said cutting these plants too early will prevent them flowering in summer.

Similarly, eucalyptus varieties should be left alone until the start of next month, he continued, to ensure strong and vigorous growth in the coming weeks.

Mr Porter went on to state that pruning plum trees between October and February can be disastrous, as it leaves them prone to disease.

"Thinning of overcrowded spurs and reduction of last summer’s new growth is best done during or after flowering, ensuring of course that you do not remove all the flowers or the setting fruit," he added.

According to Rosemary Alexander in the Daily Telegraph, now is a good time to prune hedges.