Gardeners told to remember shrubs and trees in summer

Individuals have been warned not to forget about any shrubs and trees as they look to ensure that their gardens are still thriving in times of little water.

According to the Columbia Daily Herald, gardening expert Melinda Myers has given her suggestions on the tasks that need to be carried out to help a garden flourish in the summer months.

Among the tips she provides is the need to water plants early in the day to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation.

Meanwhile, container plants should be watered on a daily basis until any excess water runs out of the bottom of a pot.

Furthermore, Ms Myers indicates that the health of trees and shrubs could suffer if a gardener neglects them in the warmer temperatures.

"These need a helping hand during extended periods of drought. Always water thoroughly to encourage deep drought resistant roots," she told the news provider.

Shrubs can either be evergreen or deciduous and are known to typically have dense foliage.