Gardeners to deck the halls with poinsettia this year

There is a new tradition in Christmas foliage decoration emerging, according to the Daily Telegraphs Stephen Lacey.

Mr Lacey has pointed out that, while previously considered the height of horticultural vulgarity, the poinsettia has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance of late.

"Put it in a nice warm, bright spot, keep it watered, sing carols around it," advises Mr Lacey.

The cheery plant proved a popular choice among gardeners last Christmas and it is set to return again this year, according to the expert.

The deep red, pink or white plants are excellent for Christmas decorations and owe their revival to the efforts of the nursery staff that developed more desirable species.

In addition to holly, the poinsettia looks set to be a mainstay in British wreaths, with many gardeners decking their own halls with the colourful leaves.

While the festive period is often a busy time, gardeners should remember to take good care of any plants stowed away in the greenhouse to ensure that they are in tip-top condition for the spring.