Gardeners should plant autumn seeds now

A garden and greenhouse expert has suggested that those who like to grow their own food should fill their time this week by planting autumn crops.

Now is the perfect time to sow vegetables that cannot cope with the heat of summer and prefer the cooler months of September and October, explained Preston Lane Allotments expert John Doherty.

Talking to BBC News, the expert suggested that smaller varieties of lettuce should be planted just now, with those keen on an early spring crop being urged to try Winter Density or Valdor.

These salads are likely to be able to endure the colder months and should provide some tasty leaves in the new year.

"[Cold weather lettuces] will benefit from some protection from the worst of the winter weather in a cloche, cold frame or cold greenhouse," Mr Doherty told the news provider.

Other greens such as pak choi are a good choice as they are unlikely to go to seed during autumn, he noted.

The expert added that covering vegetable patches with fleece is also a good idea as it helps encourage the plants to grow.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society recently noted that watering is important in August as the heat can cause containers and greenhouses to dry out.