Gardeners should learn from 2009

A gardening expert has urged greenhouse owners and horticulture fans to learn from last years trials and tribulations and use the experience to improve their crops in 2010.

Harbour Garden Centre owner Tim Lamprey told readers of the Newbury Port Daily News that tomato growers may have experienced tough times over the past 12 months.

He explained how the late blight proved the merits of growing certain blight-resistant varieties and added that some other vegetables grew fine and were unaffected by such issues.

Mr Lamprey added that many local gardeners experienced problems with moles digging under their lawn over winter and stated that they should learn from this by treating their grass before the snow falls this year.

"In so many ways, we are the masters of our own destiny when it comes to gardening. Problems will always crop up," he said.

The expert added that the skill is in anticipating potential issues and taking action to correct them before they become serious.

Meanwhile, the Poughkeepsie Journal has revealed that the Ulster County Master Gardener Programme is to offer a number of workshops for growers during February and March.