Gardeners offered help to increase enjoyment

A horticultural expert has provided US gardeners with a number of tips in the Seattle Times as part of an effort to make their experience more enjoyable.

According to Valerie Easton, a freelance journalist and author of A Pattern Gardener, gardening at home and in the greenhouse is likely to assume increased importance in the lives of many people as a result of the global economic downturn.

She speculates that those affected by the credit crunch might be tempted to seek comfort in gardening and as a result has resolved to assist them in their endeavours as far as possible.

In order to improve productivity – and therefore enjoyment – while also reducing toil, Ms Easton recommends preparing the soil thoroughly before planting and using the rain as a tool to make this process easier.

Picking plants which serve as eye candy as well as a tasty snack – such as strawberry plants – is also advocated, as is ridding the garden of plants which do not suit the local climate.

Gardeners in Tennessee can access further expert advice by making their way to Heritage Gardens in Greeneville during the month of March, reports.