Gardeners look on with interest as NFU encourages government green department

Gardeners will be watching the progress of the governments proposed new department, which will look after energy and climate change, with interest to see how it will affect them in their own lives.

Recent suggestions from the government that have got gardeners backs up include the proposed introduction of planning permission requirements to perform alterations to the garden, such as adding a lawn or greenhouse.

But the National Farmers Union (NFU) has hailed the move as a step in the right direction, with president Peter Kendall claiming that the move makes sense.

"We are pleased to see government has emphasised the importance of climate change by creating a seat at the Cabinet table," he said.

"Finally, policies on climate change and energy will be united under the same department.

"Farmers and growers are interested in a diversity of bio energy options such as transport bio fuels, wood, straw and energy crops for electricity and heat, and anaerobic digestion, but agricultural buildings and land are also well-suited for the capture of solar energy, wind power and ground source heat.

"We believe that every farmer and grower should have the opportunity to export renewable energy services."

Despite this, gardeners will be looking on with trepidation in expectation of the reformation of regulations that is likely to come with the new department.

Gardens may now have to be even more eco-friendly than ever, but any new rules may also encourage new gardeners to take up their trowels.