Gardeners given growing tips by Centre for American Progress

Homeowners have been informed they can beautify their property by maintaining a well-kept garden.

The Centre for American Progress gave a range of growing tips in an article yesterday (June 17th), which suggested people are realistic about what they can look after.

It said horticulture lovers should not over plant in their garden and greenhouse as it can lead to a waste of water and a lot of stress.

"You can always add more, but getting rid of existing plants is both wasteful and frustrating," the article explained.

Other hints included composting waste products like food scraps and garden cuttings to help improve soil and reduce environmental impact.

Watering in the morning and evening will allow the plants to absorb more fluid as it will evaporate more easily.

It also said choosing perennials over annuals would mean less attention would be required with the hose or can, due to the plants deeper root systems.

The website recently released a number of suggestion about how to make a barbeque more eco-friendly, including using propane gas or an electric grill as opposed to charcoal or wood.