Gardeners given compost tips

Gardeners have been given a number of potentially helpful tips on what can and cannot be effectively composted.

Writing on the Gardeners World blog recently, Adam Pasco suggested that many people who are keen to recycle their household waste are unaware that they can compost materials such as newspapers and cardboard.

Mr Pasco wrote that while most householders are well aware that they can use banana skins and eggs shells to build up their compost heaps but relatively few people are into the habit of sorting through their junk mail to find products they could add to the pile.

"Its surprising just how much plain cardboard (no tape, staples or plastic labels) can be accumulated and composted every year," he said.

"I know its only a small amount, but multiply this across the country and it will really make a difference."

Meanwhile, a recent report from Times writer Rachel de Thame suggested that building a greenhouse is a great way to bring an unruly garden under control.