Gardeners Escape “Bee Killer” Pesticide Ban

The Environmental Audit Committee has published a report that condemns private gardeners from continuing to use neonicotinoid pesticides, recommending that they are banned for amateur use. The pesticides are believed to be at fault for the startling decline in bee and insect populations over recent years.

Celebrity gardeners including Monty Don have added their weight to the calls for a ban.

However the Government have responded by refusing to ban all products;

“Garden use is on a significantly smaller scale than agricultural use and many garden products are …lower toxicity.”

The EU has banned the three most toxic neonicotinoids, however the UK Government has refused to budge on lower toxicity pesticides.

Joan Walley MP, chair of the Environmental Audit Committee believes there is no need for gardeners to use such pesticides;

“There is no justification for people using these products on their Dahlias when they could be damaging pollinator populations.”


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