Gardeners encouraged to share food-growing tips

Gardeners across the UK are being encouraged to share their knowledge and tips about growing fruit and vegetables.

As part of the We Will If You Will campaign – a new scheme thought up by Gordon Brown to get the nation growing and eating healthy food – experienced horticulturalists are being asked to share their skills with others.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), which yesterday (March 31st) announced its partnership with the project, is looking for its more experienced members to nominate themselves as "veg doctors" to help educate their local communities.

Other stakeholders in the scheme include Garden Organic, the Eden Project, Landshare and the National Trust.

The project was officially launched at Covent Garden Market on Sunday (March 30th) with a display of more than 42,000 pieces of fruit and veg designed by artist Clare Patey.

A number of RHS shows will take place over the summer, with the Chelsea Flower Show being perhaps the best-known of all.