Gardeners can give something back while they learn

A top Cornwall college is looking for people with a love for getting out into the garden and greenhouse to come and help give it a garden make-over.

Duchy College is undergoing a period of change, with the addition of two new buildings and an update to its Animal Care and Agricultural provision.

Now it is looking for volunteers to help pitch in and create a stunning garden to match the colleges new look.

Volunteers would not only be helping the college though, they would be helping themselves as Duchy has agreed to provide each person with the equipment and, more importantly, the qualifications associated with creating a landscaped garden.

"We are very proud of our horticultural site here at Rosewarne and work hard to maintain its beauty," explained curriculum manager for horticulture Bill herring.

"The new developments onsite mean that our landscaped area has increased.

"This gives us an exciting challenge for staff and students to manage and we would love to give members of the community who wish to increase their horticultural skills the opportunity to help transform it."

It is an excellent opportunity for gardeners to learn new skills, which they can then put to work in their own garden and greenhouse.