Gardeners can add artisan flair with bespoke garden features

Gardening expert and landscape architect, Bunny Guinness, has offered gardeners tips on how to add “artisan flair” to their garden. She advised gardeners to consider adding bespoke pieces to their garden.

“Having designed gardens for nearly 40 years, I have accumulated an invaluable list of artisans and suppliers, who will make up benches, containers, murals, paint finishes, carvings, metal work; anything you can think of,” she said.

“My area, the East Midlands, is a rich hunting ground and probably has no more “doers and makers” than any other region.

“You can get bespoke pieces on a shoe string; they need not be wallet snatchers. But acquiring them definitely slows down your rate of spend as they often take hunting out, sourcing and specifying.”

Ms Guinness went on to say that metalwork is also important in the garden.

“Metalwork is invaluable in the garden,” she said. “It can look light but is strong and durable: think obelisks, fences, cloches, pergolas, gates, furniture and hinges.”