Gardeners become greener

Many horticultural enthusiasts take steps to improve their green credentials, according to a recent survey.

A report published by Bosch indicates that 45 per cent of horticultural enthusiasts compost their food waste, while 33 per cent collect rain water for use in their gardening.

Furthermore, 15 per cent of people are switching from petrol-powered tools to ones powered by batteries in moves to reduce emissions, online resource Glee Wire notes.

Speaking to the resource, Ground Force presenter and gardening expert Tommy Walsh notes the benefits of modern, green garden equipment.

"These days there are so many innovative, lightweight tools on the market that can save your aches and pains and cut time spent working in the garden in half, which can turn stressful, time-consuming garden chores into a relaxing hobby that can be enjoyed," he states.

In related news, financial services provider NS&I recently stated that environmentally-friendly practices such as making compost can also help horticultural enthusiasts save money as well as improving their green credentials.