Gardeners advised to keep aphids at bay

Gardeners have been advised to keep aphids under control, as the pests can cause severe damage to tender plants. News website Sunderland Echo offered advice on which methods to use to keep the pests under control.

Amongst the tips offered by the website were using organic methods such as brushing the pests off with something soft and adding soap or oil to water then spraying the top and bottom of leaves.

“These concoctions block the aphids’ breathing mechanisms. However, there is some debate about using detergent – avoid this,” the news source advised.

“If you have the time and inclination, collect ladybirds from the garden. They’re the aphids’ natural predators and will make short work of a moderate amount. You can buy lacewings from several companies on the internet – but at about £20 a go.”

The site added: “Aphids flock to basil and nasturtiums – unfortunately, they love peppers and aubergines too.

“They also hate garlic – you can make a spray with several crushed cloves left to sit in a quart of water for several days, then spray the plants with it.”