Gardeners advised to be savvy when buying mail order plants

Gardeners have been warned to take care when ordering plants online as they will often be smaller than those available in a local gardening centre or greenhouse sale.

Louisiana website thetowntalk.coms Dan Gill advises gardeners to go to their local greenhouse and touch and inspect any plants before buying them.

He also said on the website that mail order plants can be more expensive than their bought in person counterparts.

"When I buy locally I know Im helping to sustain our local businesses, which is important for our local economy," he wrote.

However, he does see a point in buying through the mail sometimes: "Why would any of us purchase plants, seeds, bulbs or garden products through the mail?

"Well, pure and simple, it comes down to availability. Far, far more different kinds of plants and products are available through mail order than could ever be carried by our local nurseries."

Mr Gill suggests that any plants that can be bought locally should be, as they can be better value for money.

Elsewhere, in Maryland, Carroll County Master Gardeners will be giving a seven-week lecture series on different gardening topics in March and April, according to the Carroll County Times.