Gardener develops green-fingered passion

Some people simply cannot help being carried away by their enthusiasm for gardening and throw themselves into the pastime with gusto.

Such is the case with horticultural enthusiast Winthrop Baum, who has taken his love of gardens to extreme levels.

The Associated Press reports that Mr Baum purchased a number of beehives to help pollinate his plum, pear and apple trees – and also produce around 2,000 pounds of honey on an annual basis.

"For many gardeners, once they get established in gardening, they find the thing that really affects them," Doug Oster, co-author of the book Grow Organic, tells the news agency.

Senior horticulturalist with the National Gardening Association Charlie Nardozzi adds that some green-fingered individuals appreciate the aesthetic qualities of flora, while others are amazed by the science of growing plant, fruit and vegetables.

Meanwhile, rural insurance provider NFU Mutual recently gave gardeners advice on how to deal with a range of pesky pests, explaining that snails and slugs can be tempted away from plants with the skins of fruit such as grapefruits and oranges.