Garden writing being transformed online

Horticulture-themed writing on the internet is changing as a result of a new string of blog and forum websites, according to a Pennsylvania newspaper.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette picked out as a prime example of how horticulturalists are creating their own online community, sharing tips and views among themselves.

"Garden Rant is one of the best of a crop of garden blogs that have been popping up like crocuses on the internet, transforming garden writing in the process," it reads.

It suggests the websites are being used as political tools for green-fingered internet users.

Another website cited in the article is, whose founder Roger Doiron was instrumental in the creation of Michelle Obamas vegetable plot at the White House.

The first lady recently broke ground on the garden with the help of local school children.

Food from the plot on the South Lawnwill be used in the White House kitchen as well as at a local homeless shelter.