Garden theft highlights threat to gardeners

A generous donation has helped restore a public garden after it was targeted by criminals, according to the Ross-shire Journal.

The newspaper revealed that Spa Pavilion Gardens had been targeted numerous times by thieves, who stole a number of plants.

Since then local nursery owner Alistair Sutherland has stepped in and kindly donated over 30 plants to replace the stolen specimens, but the story highlights a problem facing the UK.

"It was a shame something like that can happen, especially when people put a lot of time and work into taking care of it," he told the newspaper. recently revealed figures showing that over 1.2 million UK gardens have been targeted by thieves.

As a nation proud of its gardening heritage, UK citizens often have expensive furniture, plants and ornaments in their gardens and greenhouses.

Gardeners would be well advised to use their greenhouse to maximum effect, stowing any valuables away inside while not in use.