Garden studios could help businesses find the best employees

The construction of a garden studio – and the potential of flexible working that one could create – may well be of benefit to Britains businesses.

In recent days, Caroline Waters, director of employment at telecoms provider BT, explained that flexibility and "being hot on the green agenda" allows firms to reach out and find "the best people".

Speaking at the Work Wise UK summit, she called for employers to rethink their attitudes towards homeworking, noting that many bosses have a "you want what? attitude" when workers ask something of them, like the chance to work from home.

"In this country alone, 1.1 billion hours are spent just in getting to work. Does that sound like an economy for the 21st century? I dont think so," Ms Waters concluded.

Figures from Work Wise UK and the AA suggest that the average commuter spends nearly 29 days per year travelling to and from work.