Garden offices offer room to expand

Homeowners eager to add additional living space to their property without undergoing huge amounts of stress could find that a structure such as a garden office is the answer to the their problems.

Writing in the online pages of the Independent, sector commentator Toby Green suggests that since the majority of such buildings do not have foundations, they can be dismantled and reinstalled should the owner decide to move house.

Continuing, he notes that bespoke versions of the structures can have additional home comforts – such as heating, plumbing and electricity – added to make it as habitable as an extension.

Mr Green concludes by noting that a fully-fitted garden office could add as much as five per cent to the value of a property during a boom in the housing market.

In related news, research by the RAC Foundation recently suggested that a garden office could allow people to work from home and reduce their carbon footprint by making fewer car journeys.