Garden market continues to grow globally

The garden market continued to grow across the globe in 2011, according to home and garden research from Euromonitor, a consumer industry analyst. The research showed that developed countries continued to be the largest spenders on home and garden products.

Cruz Del Barrio, who is head of Euromonitor’s home and garden research, said: “The global home and garden market reached sales of US $941bn in retail value terms in 2011. Growth of eight per cent was higher than the previous year, with developing countries playing an increasingly important role underpinning sales growth.

“That said, developed countries remain the largest spenders on home and garden products by far. Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Australia spent in excess of $2,000 per household in 2011.”

He added that “gardening proved to be one of the most resilient categories in 2011, delivering the strongest growth performance in many markets, from Spain to Japan” and said that “ageing populations, the rising popularity of outdoor living and trends such as grow your own all contributed to growth in these countries where slow economic recovery continues to constrain consumer spending in other categories”.