Garden maintenance shouldnt be a chore

Maintaining a garden shouldn’t be a chore, one expert has stated. Kate Gould, an award-winning gardening designer, said that garden maintenance should be something that gardeners enjoy doing.

“The maintenance of your garden shouldn’t be a chore; it should be something you enjoy and want to do if you want to actively garden your space rather than employ a maintenance gardener,” she said.

“Whichever approach you take (dustpan and brush or blower and gas gun) the time spent in cleaning and tidying should always be worth the time you spend in the garden after enjoying the fruits of your labours.”

Ms Gould also offered advice on cleaning terraces.

“No matter how well thought out, any external hard landscaping will be subjected to all the elements mother nature can throw at it and there will be times when simply brushing and washing down your terrace doesn’t get it as clean as it could be,” she said.

“There are a multitude of products on the market to clean stone: always read the label and try a test patch first regardless of which product you purchase.”