Garden-grabbing could cause more flooding

The UK could lose more green spaces – placing it at greater risk of flood after the government knocked back the chance to ban the practice of "garden-grabbing".

Gardeners dont have to be greenhouse experts to know that green spaces – especially those with trees – absorb water and protect the country from flooding.

The practice of garden-grabbing involves building over or encroaching on these green spaces, often laying copious amounts of concrete which of course does not absorb rainwater.

Shadow communities and local government secretary Julia Goldsworthy told Horticulture Week that she was disappointed at the decision.

"Communities are rightly concerned that the character of their areas is being adversely and irreparably affected by developments in gardens and open spaces," she said.

"It is a travesty that much-needed green space in urban areas is lumped into the category of Brownfield land and that the government is insisting that there is not a problem."

Fortunately for the UK there is no shortage of willing gardeners who will happily get out into their greenhouses to cultivate plants for their gardens to help absorb any potential floods.