Garden experts teach kids the basics

Garden and greenhouse experts in the Sunnyside area of southern Indiana have been sharing their knowledge with local children to encourage them to change their diets.

According to the News & Tribune, the Sunnyside Master Gardeners Association of Southern Indiana has given kids advice on how to grow their own food in the hope that they will eat healthier.

Youth garden coordinator Bonnie Cummings explained that youngsters are now so concerned with TV and computer games that their dietary habits have changed for the worse.

She noted that it is important to reintroduce kids to the natural world and teach them about where healthy food comes from.

"We want them to know their role in the environment and also to reuse and recycle," she told the newspaper.

"If they grow it themselves, they are more willing to try new things."

The children have been allowed to grow their own food in a 4ft by 18ft raised garden bed and chose fruits and vegetables such as beets, tomatoes, cabbages, peppers and zucchinis, as well as a number of flowers.

In other news, the Jackson Citizen Patriot has suggested that older garden and greenhouse enthusiasts turn to container gardening to extend the length of time they can enjoy horticulture.