Garden and greenhouse owners urged to grow food

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts Carl Hagstrom and Maria Novo have set up a website to promote growing your own fruit and vegetables.

The pair believe that doing so can be a good way to look after the pennies and put healthy food on the table both during the recession and after the economy returns to a healthy state. was launched last month as a means of encouraging garden and greenhouse owners to make use of their facilities, with a range of supplies available.

"Whether you have space for a windowsill of herbs and spices, a rooftop garden or a backyard of fruits and veggies, almost every home has the means to grow fresh ingredients," Ms Novo said.

She explained that growing food can be a simple process to establish and maintain, with the website offering seeds, fertilizers and information that will be useful to novices and experts alike.

A blog keeps users up to date on the latest advice and gardening tips from Mr Hagstrom and Ms Novo, who are both experienced growers.

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