Garden and greenhouse fans vote for US plant

Garden and greenhouse fans visiting the Royal Horticultural Societys (RHS) Garden Wisley have voted a US species as their favourite for the second consecutive year.

Known as Miss Ruby, the Buddleja has been a firm favourite with visitors since it went on trial at the popular garden.

The bright pink variety was raised at North Carolina State University and was twice as popular as any other variety in the horticultural attraction.

It achieved 14.7 per cent of the total votes from visitors to the garden and greenhouse site, with Raspberry Wine and Purple Prince the two closest runners up with 6.4 per cent each.

Trials officer Jacquie Gray explained that the plant was released in the US two years ago, but has yet to become available in the UK.

"The trial is still being assessed, so we cant say yet whether it will get an award, but the panel liked its distinct colour and noted its compact habit," she said.

Ms Gray added that if it is given an Award of Garden Merit then there is a good chance that it could become available to British gardeners.

Another species that could be given one of the awards is pak choi, which has recently been added to the RHS trials menu.