Gabriel Ash Greenhouse Wins Award

Dear Gabriel Ash,

You very kindly built a “Glass House” for us in 2010 here in the Isle of Man. It replaced four rather unattractive aluminium green houses.

The resulting transformation was wonderful.

As can be seen from the photographs enclosed, it serves to not only showcase our geraniums but also as a quiet refuge where we can relax and enjoy our garden.

I am writing to you now because, having been persuaded to enter the Ramsey Gardens in Bloom competition this year, it appears that we won a prize.  The Anne Skinner Memorial Trophy for the best Special Feature(s) 2014. This was specifically the Glass house- geranium display.

So not only is your glass house a great source of pleasure for us, but also for our visitors as well.

As this is a collaborative victory, I thought I should send you a picture of the prize.

Kind regards

Nick Sykes