Gabriel Ash cedar greenhouses – a superior choice

Gabriel Ash’s range of cedar greenhouses are superior not only in design but also in quality. These stunning greenhouses offer a wide range of features that will allow you to fully enjoy your plants and garden. By adding one of these impressive structures to your garden, you not only get a chance to grow your favourite plants but also an extra place to relax and unwind.

Cedar wood is one of the best choices of wood for greenhouses. This type of wood offers many advantages, including plenty of stability, which helps to keep your greenhouse safe and at its best even during the most severe weather conditions. Cedar greenhouses also have great moisture control, which prevents the wood from rotting and keeps your plants and greenhouse at their best all year round.

Cedar wood is also a great choice due to the beauty of the wood. It provides a stunning design when combined with glass and requires much less maintenance than other types of wood, leaving you with a much longer lasting greenhouse. Unlike other types of wood that need repainting after a year or so, cedar wood ages well, transforming into a beautiful colour that will keep your greenhouse looking as good as new.

Another great advantage of cedar wood is that it contains natural oils that repel insects, keeping your plants safe and allowing you to avoid using harmful insect repellents. Cedar wood also provides your garden with a pleasant aroma, unlike other types of wood which rot and leave your garden smelling unpleasant.

For those who need a greenhouse that has plenty to offer, a cedar greenhouse is the best choice. The beautiful design combined with the sturdiness and rot resistant oils make it the ideal choice for those looking for a perfect wooden greenhouse.

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