FSC or PEFC has IKEA got its wood sourcing right?

Any manufacturer or retailer who sells wooden products these days has to be accountable for their source, as, not only Gabriel Ash, but also superstore, IKEA, is well aware.

The household goods and furniture retailer has been criticized by an environmental non-government organization. The Global Forest Coalition, for promoting the wood it uses as being FSC certified, when some of the wood is taken from old forests that are nearly depleted.

The retailer recently produced a sustainability strategy plan for 2020 in which it states its intention that 100% of the wood used will be in line with FSC regulations.

IKEA’s usage of wood accounts for 1% of that required worldwide, and so it intends that these policies will impact positively on the environment.

Robin Parker of Gabriel Ash explained: “The wood we use at Gabriel Ash for the manufacture of our greenhouses is PEFC certified, as opposed to FSC.  FSC is from primarily the rainforests of emerging countries, whilst PEFC is from established countries, such as Canada, where the forests have been managed for hundreds of years.  We feel assured that we are offering our customers the very best in environmentally logged wood.”

Author: Robert Smith