Fruit and vegetable growing gains popularity

A garden and greenhouse expert has noted how Brits are becoming increasingly interested in composting and growing their own fruit and vegetables.

According to Garden Trading managing director Jon Holloway, producing food and healthy organic materials are two hobbies which have take the nation by storm.

Speaking at a recent Homes4Media event in London, the expert explained that his company has noticed a marked increase in the number of enquiries about both.

"There’s now a huge following towards composting and grow your own," he said.

"Growing vegetables in grow bags has become increasingly popular and we thought how can we make these look better on a patio, a veranda, balcony or a greenhouse?"

Garden Trading took the problem and came up with the idea of hessian sacks, which help to make grow bags more aesthetically pleasing by covering them up with a more rustic-looking material.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society has reported that a group of scientists have formed an organisation to campaign for the protection of fungi.