Fruit and veg can help decorate greenhouse and garden

Garden and greenhouse growers have been informed they can use fruit and vegetables to help design the landscape of their green space.

A recent article in the Examiner pointed out having an open mind in terms of what and where you grow can harvest pleasant results.

"In the garden, fruits and vegetables do not have to be looked at as the ugly practical plants that must be banished to a hidden vegetable patch where they should be grown in rigid rows," it explained.

The online resource suggested the plants can add much-needed colour, whether cultivated outdoors, in a greenhouse or cold frame.

It said mixing edibles with flowering ornamentals was a good way to keep pests guessing and could provide a mixture of aesthetic and tasty pleasures as you roam around.

Rhubarbs, Swiss chard, artichokes okra and sages are all species the article suggests are good looking plants that can be used to create an attractive garden.

Meanwhile, another story on the online resource suggested greenhouse enthusiasts could save cash by growing their own herbs.