Front gardens could be a homes selling point

Homeowners looking to make quick sales on their property should concentrate on their gardens, it has been claimed.

While prices are on a downturn, a front garden could be a great selling point to make your property stand out.

Rather than spending a fortune, a bit of hard work can ensure a front garden is in top condition, the Times reports.

Removing moss, algae and weeds from any paving and making sure gravel and tarmac are free of vegetation can make a front garden look instantly smart.

Covering up a manhole with a carefully placed pot or trimming the shrubs around a window can also add to the appearance.

Lawns should be kept neatly and freshly mown and flower beds can easily be kept weed free with a little work.

Those with a bit of spare cash could spend on pots or ornamental plants that can provide an eye-catching piece and set the tone for the whole garden.