From bags to garden riches

Money levied from the sale of food carrier bags by Marks & Spencer will be used to fund eight Greener Living Spaces announced today, it has been revealed.

By charging customers 5p for each food carrier bag used, Marks & Spencer has managed to reduce the number of food carrier bags used since the UK launch in early May by 80 per cent while raising £200,000 for environmental charity partner Groundwork.

This money will be used to cultivate Greener Living Spaces in Birmingham, Southampton, Bridgend, Merseyside, London, Hertfordshire, Newcastle and the West Midlands.

"We are delighted that we are today able to announce a further eight projects that will be significantly improved thanks to M&S customers," commented Tony Hawkhead, groundwork chief executive.

"These Greener Living Spaces are helping to make towns and cities cleaner and greener, giving people of all ages places to come together – to play and relax in the fresh air."

Gardening is becoming increasingly popular with Britons in the wake of the credit crunch as they choose to grow their own vegetables to reduce expenditure – with the use of a greenhouse often producing the best results.