Four in ten Brits invest in gardens

Almost half of UK home owners were willing to put credit crunch worries to one side and spend money on their garden during the month of June, according to a recent survey.

The study showed that 42 per cent of those questioned spent between £1 and £1,000 on plants, garden furniture, garden tools and home improvements in June.

The MoneyMood report was carried out by Legal & General and suggests people still see investment in improving their home as a good outlay.

Legal & General director of wealth customer marketing Jonathan Latham pointed to more Brits spending the summer at home as a possible factor for the continuing investment.

"Its good to know that despite everything being doom and gloom in the news at the moment, the UKs love of gardens and gardening, which has been the tradition for many years, is still a priority," he said.

"With many of us staying at home this summer, maybe this is the reason our houses and gardens need to be in tiptop condition for an awe inspiring view!"

Those looking to spend more time in their garden may also consider a conservatory or lean-to to ensure it can be enjoyed no matter what happens with the UKs changeable weather.