Food growing trend evident in Catskill, NY

The trend for growing fruit and vegetables has been highlighted by the success of a New York state community garden.

The Catskill Community Garden recently held an end-of-season luncheon for its growers in celebration of its first year.

According to local newspaper the Daily Mail, the facility has 20 raised bed boxes, allowing around 30 gardeners to grow fruit and vegetables from scratch.

Such is the success of the scheme that organisers hope to extend the project next year.

Growers cultivated aubergines, collards, kale and sprouts during 2009, although the tomato plants and some of the potatoes were afflicted by the blight that has been prevalent in the Northeast this year.

The garden has also been used to teach local kids growing and cooking skills, with local artist Fawn Potash leading the programme.

Much of the food served at the luncheon was grown on site, with the children helping to make things like pesto and potato chips for the occasion.

Catskill is located in upstate New York, approximately 130 miles north of New York City.