Food growers do it for the experience

Growing your own food has become very popular in British gardens and greenhouses since the recession took hold.

However, it has been claimed that the main reason Brits love it so much is the experience, rather than the chance to save cash.

Speaking at the Glee 2010 event in Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre, Garden Works spokesman Kevin Waters said that the feeling of accomplishment is what gets growers really excited.

"It is managing to put potatoes on the Sunday dinner plate that you have grown yourself. It is that experience that people are buying," Mr Waters explained.

To successfully sell the idea to customers, garden centres should focus on the end result, rather than the products themselves, the expert added.

He noted that such goods were not an impulse buy, which is how Brits tend to shop these days.

Meanwhile, British Food Fortnight 2010 is on now and runs until October 3rd with thousands of activities taking place around the country.