Flower show will govern the trends

The Royal Horticultural Societys (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show will once again dictate garden trends up and down the country this summer, one publication has stated.

The Evening Standard describes the show as one of the key dates in the gardening calendar and one that is used by many professionals and amateurs alike as an opportunity to gather ideas and seek out innovation.

Around 50 gardens and 100 floral exhibitors will feature at this years show, which will host some of the finest floral examples not only from the UK but also harking from Trinidad and Tobago, Sweden and Sri Lanka.

However, not every exhibit at the show is likely to be copied in greenhouses and gardens up and down the land – the Halifax Evening Courier has featured an impressive stone snake planned as a centerpiece of local firm Marshalls exhibit at the event.

Approximately a metre high and 28 m in length, the snake has been carved from the firms own locally quarried stone.

The snake has been taking shape for four months and has been hewn from blocks weighing up to ten tonnes – making copycat projects by home gardeners seem unlikely.