Flower Power Your High-Tech Gardening Aid

Parrot, a US based company, has revealed a prototype for a high-tech gardening aid, which provides the user with real time data on how to take the best care of your plants, flowers and lawn.

The Flower Power device, shaped like your average gardening shears, measures variables such as sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer, and sends the information via Bluetooth, directly to an app your Smartphone or tablet device.  The Flower Power app contains a library of over 6000 plants, each with information detailing how much water a plant needs, and when it should be harvested.

Simply place the device into the soil by the plant, and the app will inform you of the next time it should be watered and how much sunlight it is receiving. It also provides a graph demonstrating your plants health.

For those of you who are technologically minded, or are simply new to gardening, this little piece of gardening technology should elevate you to a state of touch screen gardening bliss.

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Author: Philip Woods