Floridians given tomato growing advice

Floridian greenhouse enthusiasts growing tomatoes may be interested in master gardener Paula Lambs response to a question over why crops are disappearing.

Writing for Jacksonville.com, the Duval County Agricultural Extension Service and University of Florida expert said wildlife could be the problem.

She cited a publication called Ornamental Plant Susceptibility to Damage by Deer in Florida, which suggests the fruit from the plants are frequent targets of the animals.

"If you want to enjoy your tomatoes before the deer get to them, try monitoring your tomatoes for ripeness," Ms Lamb wrote.

She suggested picking the crops just before they are ready to make sure they are harvested by humans and not animals.

Leaving them under glass in a greenhouse or on a windowsill should help them ripen without the danger of pests pinching them.

Meanwhile a new book detailing how chemical horticulture is bad for your health has been released.

Greening America to Save the World is written by Mark M Pavletich and comes from Harmony Hill Nurseries, PA.