Floral Celebration

Gardeners in and around London will likely be flocking to the Royal Horticultural Societys Floral Celebration this week.

The Times recently previewed the event, where open-sided tents will house exhibits including the National Council for the Conservation of Plants & Gardens display of the Veitch family collection.

Also on display at the Inner Temple garden will be Pennards historic vegetables.

"The show will take place in the Inner Temple garden which is where the foundations of the Chelsea Flower Show were laid "nearly a century ago", the Times stated.

The Inner Temple garden is home to some excellent specimens including Metasequoia, Black Walnut and echiums.

The Times recommends Londoners use places like the gardens to escape from the pace of city life, but most gardeners will already do this in their own gardens.

Gardeners will be looking to draw inspiration from the show, with many already planning what to grow in their gardens and greenhouses for next year.