Floor-to-ceiling glass makes for modern architectures most beautiful exhibition space

A new rooftop gallery in Athens has been described in the Times as being "one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces in modern architecture".

The museum, which is due to open in November, will house the Parthenon marbles and will make the best use of natural light to illuminate the display by featuring walls and ceilings made of glass.

According to the Times, this clever use of glass has the effect of making the observer feel like he or she is viewing the Parthenon marbles out of doors.

"Sunlight fills the gallery through floor-to-ceiling glass, and the windows have such slender supports you might be standing in the open air enjoying blue skies and the crystal light which is the wonder of Attica," the paper says.

Roof lights are also being used in homes to make rooms seem bigger, lighter and more airy.

The Parthenon marbles are a group of Greek marble sculptures, inscriptions and architectural members which originally belonged to the Parthenon.

While some are now housed in Britain, the remainder will be kept in the New Acropolis Museum to protect them from the effects of pollution.