First trainee gardener at Yorkshire site

Jack Ogg will work at the sites one-acre Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) garden, learning his trade in a professional capacity.

He already has experience of working at the site after volunteering there in the past, while he has also filled roles as a landscaper and in garden centres.

In total, there are 11 trainees across the UK learning the ins and outs of horticulture through on-the-job training at a variety of sites.

Mr Ogg will also share his time with the nearby Harewood House, where he will work when not tending to York Gate, which is renowned for its Canal Garden, White Garden and other innovative and creative features.

In other news, the RHS recently revealed that the Dorset Naga – a UK-bred chilli pepper – has made it into the Collins English dictionary after being named as one of the spiciest varieties on the plan