Finding A Greenhouse On A Budget

A greenhouse makes a great addition to any garden, and for those interested in propagating tender plants and seedlings, it’s a must-have. If you are thinking about getting a greenhouse, a browse through the catalogues will quickly reveal how vast your options are, and just how much you could end up paying.

Your plot size will probably dictate the type of greenhouse you can buy, but chances are you may be restricted by budget size, too. Just because you are strapped for cash, doesn’t mean to say you can’t enjoy owning a greenhouse, and neither should you have to compromise on quality of materials.

Choosing a greenhouse on a tight budget does limit your options in terms of size and fancy features and accessories that you might like to include, such as heating systems, With the right positioning and organisation of your greenhouse, these aspects may not be such a priority, after all. The main element to focus on is choosing a greenhouse with a solid base and strong, sturdy support frames and materials that offer excellent durability.

In particular, if your funds are tight, our Essentials Greenhouse range has been designed with the budget-conscious gardener in mind, who doesn’t want to compromise on quality. Ideal as a starter greenhouse, our Essentials options are made in a standard size, to help keep those all-important costs down.

Within the Essentials Greenhouse range, you have a variety of size options at your disposal. 6x6ft is the perfect choice for small plots, but if you have additional room, you may wish to opt for 6x8ft, 6x10ft or 8x10ft dimensions. Experts recommend when purchasing a greenhouse to go for the biggest size you can allow and afford, as you’ll inevitably use up all the available space as your gardening passion grows!

Although the Essentials range is ideal for tight budgets, the greenhouses are made from superior quality cedar, which looks elegant and would easily convince people into thinking it commanded a higher price tag, based on its looks. This sturdy material is also highly durable and requires minimal maintenance, enabling it to look great, season after season.

You can save money when buying a greenhouse by choosing one that is easy to install, but provides you with the adequate support that the structure demands, all year round. You’ll be pleased to know that our Essentials Greenhouses come with an easy-to-install stainless steel base, measuring the exact size of your greenhouse, for simple and convenient positioning.

For gardeners on a budget and with limited space, lean-to greenhouses are also ideal, and you’ll also find these within our Essentials range in 6x8ft or 6x10ft sizes. They make use of redundant wall space outside, capturing the heat from walls and boosting the inside air temperature.

By choosing the right shelving and spacing, even small greenhouses and lean-tos can prove incredibly productive, making them a convenient, cost-effective choice.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and find out what offers we have to help minimise the costs of purchasing your new greenhouse.