Film to be screened in honour of horticulture enthusiast

Paul Pulford – otherwise known as Scruffy – became hooked on the drug after moving to India following a failed love affair.

There, he lived in a cave and ate opium, before becoming addicted to its class-A derivative heroin on his return to the UK, the Guardian revealed.

He was reportedly born to a London prostitute in 1959, but learned his horticultural skills from the family that later adopted him.

Mr Pulford found himself homeless five years ago, but has turned his life around by using his garden and greenhouse skills to teach others how to create wildflower gardens in inner city schools, the newspaper explained.

He takes classes for drug addicts in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, which will provide the setting for the premier of Weed it and Weep – the story of his life.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society is giving users of its website a chance to win a trip to a number of garden and greenhouse attractions in Norman