FERA reports multiple Phytopthora outbreaks in Scotland

The Food and Environmental Research Agency (FERA) has reported multiple outbreaks of Phytopthora ramorum and kernovaie in Scotland. The agency reported that there had been eight outbreaks of the disease late last autumn.
Amongst the infected plants were several species of rhododendron. The infected plants were discovered on six sites and were destroyed. Last year, it was reported that the Forestry Commission Scotland had launched a 15-year project to reduce the risk of Phytopthora in its native forest by removing rhododendron pontica, an invasive species.

FERA destroyed several batches of plants infected with Phytopthora ramorum in other areas. The agency discovered 25 magnolia plants in Devon and said that the outbreak was being treated.

Other diseases and pests being dealt with by the agency included leaf miner, which was discovered on several batches of plants last month and an outbreak of whitefly, which was discovered on a batch of poinsettia plants in Kent.