Extending your Gabriel Ash Greenhouse

Extending your Gabriel Ash Greenhouse

We know how much you adore your Gabriel Ash greenhouse, and you should with its luxurious design, high quality craftsmanship and its ability to help you collectively grow a wide variety of plants that are consistently protected. But, even we understand that sometimes extensions may be needed, especially if you want to increase the amount of things that you grow during a particular growing season.

Some greenhouses will force you to have to use what you have or do without. Here at Gabriel Ash, we offer extensions that can be added to your already beautiful standing greenhouse as a means to enable you to grow more of what you want without having to worry about planting it outside the protection of your elegant greenhouse.

We offer extension pieces that can be added to each and every greenhouse that we manufacture. It does not matter if your greenhouse is an elegant translucent house made of glass, or a sharp wooden greenhouse made of the finest wood – there are extension pieces available.

We give you the chance to install the pieces yourself with an easy step by step instruction guide. Or, we would be more then obliged to help you put in these few extra extension pieces as a means to make your greenhouse bigger and a lot more beautiful than it already is.

Many of our extension pieces are designed to snap, or nail into place. You can set up the extension as a means to make your greenhouse wider, taller, or just to add a few more shelves. The possibilities are endless. Here at Gabriel Ash, greenhouses are our passion. We pride ourselves in our beautiful greenhouses as well as our extra perks that we offer to go with the magnificent houses.

We offer wide arrays of different additions for your greenhouse as well. Some of these additions may be special lighting for certain plants that demand additional lighting as a means to grow. Or a carefree way to be able to water your plants without having to worry about them weltering from too much or too little water.

Our friendly and courteous staff are more than willing to assist you with all your greenhouse needs, and stand by you as you begin your beautiful gardening experience. You will always have a fellow green thumb companion, and a plethora of great extensions as well as additions to choose from at Gabriel Ash. To view our range of cedar greenhouses click here.

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