Extending "more convenient" than buying

It is "much more convenient" to add an extension to an existing property than to search for a new house, it has been asserted.

National Home Improvement Council director Andrew Leech made the suggestion after hearing of a recent AA Personal Loans study, which found a quarter of homeowners renovating their homes plan to add an extra room.

The expert suggested the cost and hassle of moving house can make building an extension or other modification seem more worthwhile.

"You are getting the best of both worlds – you are getting more room and you are not having to lay out so much money either," he said.

Mr Leech added the cost of removals, solicitors and estate agents could mount up to a small fortune and building an extension could prove competitive.

Last month, Unbiased.co.uk reported 25 per cent of Brits were planning on making substantial improvements to their property this year.